Causes of Impure Blood

Our blood plays a crucial role in maintaining the equilibrium of our body and transferring oxygen from the lungs to our blood cells.

As a result of our modern lifestyle, staying up late at night, eating junk food, and skipping breakfast has become the norm, but these habits are among the reasons that impurities are formed in our blood. In addition to the laid-back lifestyle, bacteria living in the environment, living in congested areas, and consuming too much coffee, tea or liquor can also have the same effect.

We are all aware of how crucial it is to keep our blood free of toxins because they are the cause of many illnesses to which we are susceptible. Although our organs, such as the liver, kidney, and lymphatic system, are in charge of removing toxins from the blood, there are occasions when the process does not happen naturally and we require a detoxification method. And one of the simplest methods to make sure that toxins are removed from our bodies is to use a blood-purifying syrup that is enhanced with Ayurvedic herbs and spices.

Solution For Impure Blood

Raktactiv is the best solution for all types of Skin Problems. It Purifies the blood and gives you naturally glowing skin.

Raktactiv is loaded with a combination of potent Ayurvedic herbs; this composition aids in the natural purification of blood and provides a wide range of health advantages. Neem, which is particularly renowned for its cleansing qualities, is also included in it. After taking this syrup, you might have smooth, clear skin free of blemishes. Acne and pimples are removed, and the immune system performance is enhanced.


Key Ingredients of Raktactiv



Neem leaves have good blood purifying properties. They help in reducing toxin levels and lower the risk of skin problems like acne, eczema, and skin rash. Neem has the property of Tikta (Bitter) and Kashaya (Astringent), due to which it works as a blood purifier and controls various skin problems.



Giloy removes toxins from the body, purifies the blood, and fights bacteria. Giloy juice helps to maintain overall health. According to Ayurveda, Giloy can help control high blood pressure due to digestive problems.


Haridra restores the hematopoietic functions in the Liver. Also, it improves the quantity and quality of blood. It helps maintain a healthy circulatory and cardiovascular system.


Manjistha is commonly used as a blood purifier. It has many other therapeutic properties like calcium channel blocking, anti-diabetic, anti-stress, and anti-platelet. It has anticancer activity and is used in the treatment of skin disorders.

How to Use Raktactiv

You must take Raktactiv regularly for one month without skipping a dosage. Prinita promises results in Seven Days, but the recommended course of treatment is one month.

Dosage: 10ml Twice a Day


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